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Some Places to Eat in Berlin

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

As mealtime approaches, it's time to consider where to eat. Naturally, you'll need to adjust to the German meal schedule and select the top eateries based on your location. Your budget, current mood, and weather conditions may steer you towards local dining options. Here are some recommended eating spots in Berlin.

One caveat, though: the reception in dining establishments can sometimes be unsociable and verging on rude. Many attribute this to a distinct Berlin cultural trait. Thankfully, some establishments offer a warm welcome. Depending on your chosen venue, it's wise to make a reservation.

Lunch and Dinner Options

Discover Diversity and Plurality in Berlin

For lunch and dinner, you'll find a broad array of restaurants and brasseries. Typically, lunch is relatively modest, and dinner starts from 6 pm. However, as Berlin is a European capital, finding a place to dine won't be a challenge.

For families with children, we suggest secure, terraced spaces, preferably restaurants with inner courtyards, like those at Hackescher Markt. Other options include the Imbissstube (bistro/café) and the Biergarten.

While Berlin's gastronomy may seem basic, it's integral to the intercultural learning process. Some culinary curiosities might catch your attention, such as vegan, Asian, Turkish, Israeli, or Syrian cuisine. Consider exploring exotic or specialized cuisine related to current events, travel, or history. Be open to surprises.

Merging Dining and Cultural Experiences

The most effective way to explore Berlin's gastronomic sites is to leverage the proximity of other activities, saving travel time.

In Dahlem, you can visit the Brücke Museum and later head to the nearby Café Kunsthaus. This café, situated in the original studios of Adolf Hitler's favored sculptor, Arno Brecker, serves top-notch food. Not far away, the Châlet Suisse greets you with its rustic beer garden on the edge of the Grunewald forest.

In Prenzlauer-Berg, post a visit to the Museum of Everyday Life in the GDR, consider dining at the Masel Topf restaurant. Near the water tower and the Great Synagogue, you can indulge in delightful Israeli kosher cuisine. The nearby Café Seeblick serves unpretentious German cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere.

In Charlottenburg, coincide a visit to the Berlin Zoo with a meal at the Dicke Wirtin bistro. Here, in an authentic brasserie atmosphere, you can savor quintessential German dishes.

In Kreuzberg, the Vietnamese restaurant Umami is a must-visit, epitomizing multicultural Berlin. Later, tour the district's streets renowned for street art or continue to the Jockel Biergarten, a vast drinking space featuring music and playgrounds for children.

In Mitte, discover Italian cuisine at La Garda. Situated in a picturesque inner courtyard behind the New Synagogue, it's an excellent choice before visiting the Hackesche Höfe. Nearby, you can stop at Clärchen Ballhaus, a cultural hub of past and present, with a stunning and nostalgic ambiance.

Berlin Dining: A Social Experience

Fast Food

Berlin's fast food scene revolves around two cultural staples: currywurst and doner kebab. These foods are typically consumed standing up, and sanitary facilities might not be available. In Friedrichshain, the Vöner establishment offers a vegan version of the doner, perfect before hitting the town for a lively weekend.

While the kebab is world-famous, currywurst is a traditional German dish, a Berlin classic. Currywurst, a calorie-dense dish served with chips, is best enjoyed in moderation. Two notable establishments in Berlin are Curry 36 in Kreuzberg and Konnopke in Prenzlauer-Berg. The former is so popular that patience might be necessary when ordering.

For a touch of American cuisine, consider one of the city's burger joints like Kreuzburger in Kreuzberg, a bustling district of the city.

Finally, Berlin is recognized for its food trucks and covered markets. In Kreuzberg, Markthalle Neun hosts a vast, albeit somewhat pricey, covered street-food market every Thursday evening. Similarly, a Street Food Market occurs every Sunday at the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer-Berg, in a revamped industrial setting.

German Institution: Brunch

Hotel stay shouldn't deter you from experiencing brunch in a choice establishment, especially on Sundays. Brunch is highly popular in Berlin, often necessitating reservations days in advance. Expect to pay between 15 to 29€ per person.

The vibe varies across establishments and districts. Young crowds gather at the House of Small Wonder in Mitte, located in a former hospital in the Jewish quarter. In Kreuzberg, the Südblock café attracts a more bohemian youth, while a more subdued ambiance awaits at 21 Gramm in Neukölln and Café Phönix in Charlottenburg. These places, along with the Kaffee-Kuchen or cake café, offer a romantic setting.

Alcoholic Beverages: The Rules

In Berlin, public spaces are alternative spots for enjoying a drink, with the city exhibiting significant tolerance. It's commonplace to see individuals of all ages sipping beer purchased inexpensively from local grocery shops. As long as you drink responsibly and maintain self-control, you can be part of this cultural experience.

Refrain from walking through parks after dark as they lack street lights. Of course, keep your surroundings clean and avoid problematic areas.

It's best to choose busy, well-lit public areas in party districts. On Saturday nights, the city park at Boxhagener Platz in Friedrichshain teems with people. In a more upscale setting, the bourgeois park at Rudesheimer Platz in Friedenau welcomes wine lovers in summer. For sunset views, consider the unlikely spot of Treptow Park.

Eating Out in Berlin Has Never Been Easier

Once you've settled into your accommodation in Berlin, you're likely thinking about your activities in the German capital. After planning a cultural visit and city walk schedule, you can adapt and always find a place to dine. There are plenty of eateries in Berlin, but remember, the experience is more social than gastronomic.

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