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Berlin Arts

Discover the classic art museums of painting, sculpture and ancient remains, as well as new or iconoclastic art forms from street art to surrealism.

Von Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France - Le grand hall d'entrée du Neues Museum (

Places to visit in Berlin

Berlin is a capital with multiple arts that should be discovered during traveling or permanent exhibitions, or directly in the public space.


The Arts in Berlin are first discovered in the national collections on Museum Island and around the Culture Forum, near Potsdamer Platz. Examples include the Alte Nationalgalerie, the New Museum or the Gemäldegalerie.


Photography and the architectural arts are not to be outdone and several museums are dedicated to them. Still others give pride of place to industrial and scientific arts. For example, the Technical Museum or the Bauhaus Museum.

Finally, the New Arts are found in certain private museums and are completely out of step with the traditional classical offering. Let us quote the Urban Nation, the Designpanopticum Museum or even the Video Game Museum. Popular culture is also found in the streets thanks to street art, sometimes iconoclastic, sometimes sponsored.

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