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Berlin Classics

Discover the iconic places of Berlin today and yesterday. Recent or old, they carry the local identity and take different forms: symbolic monuments, architectural gems and living spaces of the German capital.


Places to visit in Berlin

Berlin has many monuments and architectural ensembles that deserve your attention. Some carry the new national identity and are essential.


The emblematic monuments of Berlin carry very strong symbolism and reflect different eras. Take for example the Brandenburg Gate, opening symbol, the Reichstag Palace, symbol of the new German democracy, or the Sony Center, which enshrines the architecture of Reunification.


Others refer to the heritage of the kings of ancient Prussia. Often in neo-classical or baroque style, these monuments are generally the last vestiges of a city razed by the bombardments of the Second World War and the destruction resulting from the Berlin Wall. Examples include the Gendarmenmarkt or Charlottenburg Palace.

Finally, Berlin is reinventing itself with neighborhood life and recreational or symbolic spaces. These places also participate in the renewal of identities. For example, we will go to the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer-Berg, in Südgelände Nature Park or the inner courtyards at the Scheunenviertel.

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