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East German Berlin

Discover the places of memory and the educational spaces dedicated to the Berlin of the former East Germany. The main focus is on the repressive system, the German division and daily life in the GDR.


Memorial sites in Berlin

Berlin has many commemorative or memorial sites dealing with the issue of East German socialism.


Some are educational spaces, emphasizing German division and political repression. Take for example the Memorial of the former Stasi prison, the Berlin Wall Memorial or the Stasi Museum.

The East German question is also approached from the angle of everyday life. The approach is intended to be lighter and even sometimes playful and recreational. Take for example the GDR Museum, the Museum of Everyday Life in East Germany, or the Escape Museum at Checkpoint Charlie.

Finally, you will find in Berlin a multitude of monuments embodying the heroic codes of socialist realism. These artistic works are highly ideological. Among the most famous are the Soviet Memorial at Treptower Park, the Monument to the glory of Ernst Thälmann, or the Marx-Engels Forum.

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